Register of Members (P-Z)


PALMER Ronald Clare Clifford Sales Engineer. Leconfield 1924-1928. Proposed by W.Bro G.C.Chatfeild-Roberts, TD. Seconded by W.Bro J.F.Cooke. Initiated 5th February 1957. Passed 30th November 1957 at College. Raised 4th February 1958. WM 1964. Asst DC 1966-1969. Director of Ceremonies 1970-1971 & 1975. Treasurer 1972-1974. Almoner 1977-1981. Chaplain 1982-1988 & 1991-1994. LGR 1979. Died 16th October 1994.

PARFITT Nicholas Charles Albert Management Consultant Manager Hazelwell 1985-1990 Proposed by W.Bro Michael Green,PJGD. Seconded by W.Bro Edward Bliss, PAsstSuptWks. Initiated 3rd November 2009 Passed 2nd February 2010 Raised 2nd November 2010 

PARKER James Douglas Master at College. Foundation Lodge No: 82. Proposed by W.Bro F.K.Foster, PGD, Dep ProvGM(Glos). Seconded by W.Bro C.Thornton, PPGStwd(Glos). Elected Honorary Member 1st May 1928. Died 20th December 1970.
PENELTON Anthony John Godwin (now PENELTON-COWPER) Self Employed Freelance Journalist/Magician. Thirlestaine 1963-1967. Proposed by Bro A.J.Leopard. Seconded by W.Bro M.N.B.Kipping. Initiated 23rd September 1989 at College. Passed 6th February 1990. Raised 4th February 1992. Asst Secretary 1999-
PERCIVAL John Lakeman Town Clerk of Rochester. Newick 1909-1911. Union Lodge No: 414. Pentangle Lodge No: 1174. Proposed by W.Bro C.A.Sebastian Smith, LR. Seconded by W.Bro Hugh R Phillips, PGD. Joined 7th February 1928. Excluded 7th November 1933. Died 4th April 1951.
PETERS Henry James Stanley Facilities Management Consultant Boyne House 1977-1980 Proposed by his father V.W. Bro J.Stuart Peters Seconded by W.Bro T.P.Jewell Initiated 6th February 2007 Passed in the Old Cliftonian Lodge No: 3340 on 18th October 2007. Raised 5th February 2008. WM 2014
PETERS Stuart,
PGSwdB, PDepProvGM(South Wales, Eastern Division) Father of 3 Old Cheltonians. Ionic Lodge No: 6626. Hendre Lodge No 3250. Edgar Rutter Lodge No: 7196. Lodge of Benevolence No: 7305. Dewi Sant a Gwalia Lodge No: 7893. Lodge of Progress No: 7928. The Lord Swansea Lodge No: 8364. Cape St Vincent Lodge No: 8524. Lodge of Sincerity No: 8531. Pegasus Forces Lodge No: 9393. Proposed by W.Bro Gerald Robinson. Seconded by W.Bro Richard Cann. Joined 3rd February 2004. Died 4th April 2015
PHILLIPS Hugh Richard Medical Practitioner. Hazelwell 1887-1892. Edinburgh University Lodge No: 2974. Proposed by Bro R.S.V.Dyas. Seconded by W.Bro Dr H.S.Sington. Joined 4th November 1913. Asst DC 1916. Director of Ceremonies 1917-1918. Secretary 1919-1930. WM 1931. JP, MD, PGD, PPGD(Middlx). Died 14th June 1932.
PHILLIPS St George Haigh Civil Servant. Day Boy 1905-1907. Proposed by W.Bro H.Tatham. Seconded by W.Bro B.S.Bramwell. Initiated 4th May 1948. Passed 3rd May 1949. Raised 20th September 1949. Resigned 6th February 1968. Died 21st February 1983.
POCOCK Guy Neville Master at College. Foundation Lodge No: 82. Proposed by Bro Charles Thornton. Seconded by W.Bro F.K.Foster. Honorary Member 4th November 1913.
POORE Stanley Wright Pilot Officer, RAF. Christowe 1912-1916. Proposed by W.Bro S.C.Renny, WM. Seconded by W.Bro B.S.Bramwell. Initiated 2nd February 1943. Passed 5th May 1943. Raised 7th November 1944. Died June 1978.
POPE Douglas Charles Civil Servant. Christowe 1932-1936. Proposed by W.Bro J.A.F.Miers. Seconded by W.Bro R.S.Bramwell. Initiated 7th November 1961. Passed 12th December 1961 – Emergency Meeting. Raised 6th February 1962. WM 1968. Asst DC 1970-1974. Died 13th October 2004.
PORTEOUS Norman Civil Engineer. Southwood 1895-1897. Proposed by Bro G.F.Collett, DSO. Seconded by W.Bro Hugh Phillips, JP, PPJGD(Middx). Initiated 3rd May 1921. Passed 1st November 1921. Raised 14th March 1922. WM 1927. Secretary 1931-1932. DSO, MC, AMICE. Died 21st May 1940.
PORTER Malcolm Tindal, RE Day Boy & Leconfield 1897-1899. Marine Lodge No: 232 EC. Star of Burmah Lodge No: 614 EC. Founder. Died 2nd August 1966.
PRIOR William Frederick Phelps Master at College since 1890. Foundation Lodge No: 82. Proposed by W.Bro Charles Thornton, PPGStwd(Glos). Seconded by W.Bro R.S.V.Dyas, OBE. Honorary Member 3rd May 1921.
PRUEN John Ashmead Gentleman. Day Boy 1869-1879. Astolat Lodge No: 2858. Proposed by W.Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Seconded by Bro D.C.Lee. Joined 5th May 1908. WM 1920. PGJD(Surrey) 1910. Died June 1921.
PURDEY Cecil Onslow Gunmaker. Leconfield 1879-1883. Proposed by Bro D.C.Lee. Seconded by W.Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Initiated 4th February 1908. Passed 3rd November 1908. Raised 2nd February 1909. Resigned 1st February 1927. Died 30th October 1943.
PURDEY Major Sefton PS to the Earl of Northbrook. Teighmore & Leconfield 1887-1894. Proposed by Bro C.O.Purdey. Seconded by Bro D.C.Lee. Initiated 1st February 1910. Passed 1st November 1910. Raised 7th November 1911. Died 25th May 1916 on Active Service.
REA Reginald Hans Taylor, MRCP Medical Practitioner. Leconfield 1913-1915. Proposed by W.Bro H.S.Sington, PGD. Seconded by Bro J.M.Balfour. Joined 4th February 1930. Excluded 2nd November 1937. Died 28th October 1955.
REES Herbert Percy Powell Advertising Agent. Teighmore & Garth Garmon 1878-1884. Royal Kew Lodge No: 3012. Proposed by Bro Dr J.A.Atkinson. Seconded by W.Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Joined 7th May 1912. LR. Resigned 7th November 1933. Died 26th April 1934.
REEVES Derek Leith Student. Christowe 1918-1922. Proposed by W.Bro R.H.Ingham Clark, GStwd, PPJGW(Argyll & the Seconded by W.Bro Hugh R.Phillips, JP, PPGD(Middx). Initiated 2nd February 1926. Passed 4th May 1926. Raised 2nd November 1926. WM 1936. Treasurer 1940-1951. Died 10th April 1952.
REEVES Hugh William Solicitor. Hazelwell 1882-1884. Proposed by Bro D.C.Lee. Seconded by W.Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Initiated 5th November 1907 – First Initiate. Passed 4th February 1908. Raised 5th May 1908. Almoner 1910. Treasurer 1911-1914 & 1919-1939. WM 1917. PAGR 1930. LR 1925. Died 15th October 1952.
REEVES Ivor Leith Lieutenant, KSLI. Junior & Christowe 1918-1928. Proposed by W.Bro Hugh Reeves, PAGR (Father of the Candidate). Seconded by Bro D.Leith Reeves (Brother).
Initiated 3rd February 1931. Passed 13th October 1932. Raised 13th April 1933. Died 6th February 1986.
RENNY Sidney Cazalet Captain KOSB. Boyne House 1904-1908. Proposed by Bro Maj Gen Sir S.Guise-Moores, KCB, CMG, RAMC. Seconded by Bro Gordon F.Elmslie. Initiated 1st March 1932 – Emergency Meeting. Passed 1st November 1932. Raised 7th February 1933. WM 1942. Asst Secretary 1947-1948. Secretary 1949-1952. LGR 1950. Died 22nd June 1966.
REYNOLDS Henry Victor Major – Indian Army. Day Boy, Teighmore, Leconfield & Day Boy 1892-1901. Proposed by W.Bro C.Thornton, PPGStwd(Glos). Seconded by Bro F.K.Selby. Initiated 6th November 1928. Resigned 4th May 1937. Died 28th December 1953.
RISK John Buchanan Chemical Representative. Leconfield 1908-1910. Proposed by Bro G.C.Bryce. Seconded by W.Bro Harold Sington, PGD. Initiated 6th May 1924.
Passed 3rd June 1924 – Emergency Meeting. Raised 4th November 1924. Resigned 7th May 1929. Company Director, Proposed by W.Bro R.H.Ingham Clark, PGStwd, ProvGMDepute (Argyll & The isles). Seconded by W.Bro Harold Sington, MD, PGD. Re-Joined 1st May 1934. Resigned 5th February 1946. Died 25th February 1956.
ROBERTS Archibald Major (Retired) – Indian Army. Day Boy 1889-1895. Takht-i-Sulinan Lodge No: 3043. Proposed by W.Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Seconded by Bro D.C.Lee. Joined 6th February 1912. Killed in Action August 1915.
ROBINSON Gerald Norman Chartered Accountant. Christowe 1952-1955. Friendship & Justice Lodge No: 5830. Preswylfa Lodge No: 5792. Chartered Accountants Lodge No: 3162. Proposed by W.Bro M.J.Stevens. Seconded by W.Bro M.N.B.Kipping. Joined 4th February 1992. WM 1999. Charity Steward 2004. Chairman Centenary Committee 2000-2007 LGR. PPJGW(South Wales, Eastern Division). Died 2014
ROBINSON Seymour Hon Consulting Dental Surgeon (Retired). Corinth 1920-1923. Shakespear Lodge No: 99. Westminster Hospital Lodge No: 5392. Proposed by W.Bro J.M.Makower, PGD. Seconded by W.Bro G.C.Chatfeild-Roberts, PGD. Joined 4th November 1975. Charity Steward 1976. Asst DC 1983 & 1987-1989. WM 1985. PAGDC. PGS. Resigned 1st November 1994. Died 10th December 1995 aged 89.
ROGERS Herbert Cannington Marine Surveyor. Leconfield 1913-1918. Wellington Lodge No: 1385 SC. Concord Lodge No:4910 SC. Proposed by W.Bro B.S.Bramwell. Seconded by W.Bro Sir Brunel Cohen. Joined 3rd February 1948. WM 1952. Died 5th January 1979.
ROLT John Baynton Medical Practitioner. Christowe 1917-1921. Proposed by Bro Derek Leith Reeves. Seconded by Bro Ronald S.Marsden. Initiated 3rd November 1931. Passed 2nd February 1932. Raised 1st March 1932 Emergency Meeting. Resigned May 1977.
RYLAND George Peter Architect. Day Boy 1939-1945. Proposed by W.Bro Roger Thompson. Seconded by Bro G.C.Chatfeild-Roberts. Initiated 4th November 1958. Passed 3rd February 1959. Raised 5th December 1959 at Emergency Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Cheltenham. WM 1966. Secretary 1968-1969. Excluded 30th June 1974.
SANDERS Henry Archibald Solicitor. Day Boy 1877-1879. Empire Lodge No: 2108. Proposed by Bro D.C.Lee. Seconded by W.Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Joined 2nd February 1909. Died 17th February 1933.
SARSFELD Patrick Lieutenant, King’s Own Royal Regiment. Hazelwell 1914-1916. Proposed by W.Bro Harold Sington, MD, PGD. Seconded by W.Bro Hugh R.Phillips, JP, PPGD(Middx). [Initiated 30th March 1922 in Lodge Stewart No: 1960 EC]. Joined 7th November 1922. Passed 7th November 1922. Raised 3rd November 1925. Died 13th February 1950.
SCOTT-KERR George Douglas Rent Registrar. Junior & Day Boy 1943-1951. Proposed By W.Bro T.P.Jewell. Seconded by Bro J.C.Bird. Initiated 3rd February 1981. Passed 3rd November 1981. Raised 2nd February 1982. Resigned.
SEBASTIAN-SMITH Major Charles Arthur, RE, LR Teighmore, Leconfield & Gantillon 1880-1884. Royal Lodge of Friendship No: 278. Founder Member. WM 1915. Almoner 1919-1923. LR 1920. Died 17th November 1933.
SEDDON George Company Director. Junior & Cheltondale 1923-1933. Duke of Portland Lodge No: 2017. Proposed by W.Bro Major S.C.Renny, LGR. Seconded by Bro R.S.Bramwell. Joined 10th February 1951. Resigned 6th February 1979. Rustington Lodge No: 6490. Proposed by W.Bro R.S.Bramwell. Seconded by W.Bro J.B.Bramwell. Re-Joined 6th May 1980. Died 1998.
SEDDON Michael Barnet Food Manufacturer. Junior & Cheltondale 1952-1961. Proposed by Bro G.Seddon. Seconded by Bro W.Offer. Initiated 26th October 1970. Passed 2nd February 1971. Raised 2nd November 1971.
SELBY Frederick Kesteven Company Director. Leconfield 1894-1897. Proposed by W.Bro S.Neame. Seconded by the Secretary. Initiated 5th November 1912. Passed 4th February 1913. Raised 4th November 1913. Died 24th October 1938.
SETHSMITH Patrick Sidney Ernest Chartered Accountant. Cheltondale 1916-1919. Windsor Castle Lodge No: 771. Proposed by W.Bro H.R.Phillips. Seconded by W.Bro H.Sington. Joined 1st November 1932. Resigned 7th February 1933.
SIM Bueth Vernon Lieutenant, 4th Battalion the Prince of Wales’ North Staffordshire Regiment. Christowe 1903-1905. Proposed by W.Bro J.D.Stuart Sim. Seconded by .Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Initiated 7th February 1911. Passed 2nd May 1911. Raised 7th November 1911. Died of wounds 7th May 1915..
SIM Henry Alexander, CIE, PDJGW(Madras) Christowe 1870-1874. Indian Civil Service. Faith, Hope & Charity Lodge No: 1285. Perfect Unanimity Lodge No: 150. Star of India Lodge No: 3444. Proposed by W.Bro J.W.S.Sim. Seconded by W.Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Joined 4th February 1908. Died 1928.
SIM James Duncan Stuart, PPGR(Herts) Day Boy & Cooke 1866-1869. Royal Gloucestershire Lodge No: 839. Founder. Director of Ceremonies 1907-1909. WM 1911. Died 3rd September 1912.
SIMMONS Charles Le Breton Captain, RA(Retired). Sales Executive Staff. Southwood 1908-1912. Proposed by W.Bro R.H.Ingham Clark. Seconded by W.Bro G.F.Ingham Clark, WM. Initiated 5th February 1935. Passed 7th May 1935. Raised 5th November 1935. Died 23rd January 1963.
SIMPSON Percy F.W., PGD, DepProvGM(Cambs) Consecrating Officer. Death reported at the Meeting on 2nd November 1937.
SIMPSON William Arthur John Southwood 1901-1904. Royal Field Artillery. Proposed by W.Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Seconded by W.Bro S.G.Homfray. Initiated 5th May 1908. Passed 3rd November 1908. Raised 2nd February 1909. Died 10th February 1960.
SINGTON Leonard Francis Symons Nestor- Schnurmann 1896-1899. Invicta Lodge of Ashford No: 709. Founder. Resigned 7th February 1911, Died 16th November 1960.
SINGTON Dr Harold Sigismund, MD, DA, FFA(RCS), PGD, LR Nester-Schnurmann 1892-1896. Cheselden Lodge No: 2870. Founder. WM 1921 & 1950. LR 1910. Director of Ceremonies 1910-1912, 1923-1946, & 1952-1955. Secretary 1913-1918. Died 14th February 1956.
SKINNER Anthony Burrell Marketing Executive. Boyne House 1951-1955. Proposed by W.Bro J.A.F.Miers. Seconded by W.Bro R.S.Bramwell. Initiated 6th November 1962. Passed 29th October 1964 at Old Marlburian Lodge. Raised 9th March 1965. Excluded 5th May 1970.
SKINNER George Macgregor Lieutenant, RN. Day Boy 1893-1898. Perseverance Lodge of Hong Kong No: 1165. Proposed by W.Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Seconded by Bro D.C.Lee. Joined 1st February 1910. Resigned May 1925. Died 29th November 1958.
SMITH Alfred Aquila Retired Officer, HM Indian Army. Teighmore & Cheltondale 1888-1895. Rohilla Star Lodge No: 1843. Proposed by W.Bro Harold Sington, PGD. Seconded by W.Bro R.S.V.Dyas, OBE, LR. Joined 5th February 1924. WM 1930. Died 14th July 1930.
SMITH Charles Aquila Vincent Architectural Student. Cheltondale 1925-1929. Proposed by his father, the late WM. W.Bro A.A.Smith. Seconded by W.Bro J.D.McLachlan, CB, CMG, DSO, PGSwdB. Initiated (by Dispensation since aged 19) 4th November 1930. Passed 3rd February 1931. Raised 23rd March 1931 – Emergency Meeting. WM 1941.
Almoner 1961-1971. LGR 1960. Died 9th May 1989.
SMITH Rev Percy Hattersley Honorary Member. For over 30 years a Master at College, and for many years Housemaster of Hazelwell. Death announced at the Meeting on 5th February 1918.
SMITH Lt Col Glynn, PProvGReg(Middx), VD Founder. Death announced at the Meeting on 4th November 1913.
SMITH Sir Richard Vassar, PGD, ProvGM(Glos) Honorary Member. Died 1922.
SMITH Sir Robert Middleton Watson Merchant. Newick 1887-1892. Formerly Member of St George Lodge No: 549. Industry & Perseverance Lodge No: 109. Proposed by W.Bro Hugh Reeves, PAGR, Treasurer. Seconded by Bro G.F.Elmslie. Joined 3rd May 1938. Died 3rd September 1939.
SOUTRY Trevor Lloyd Blunden, DSO Lt Col, HM Army (Retired). Southwood 1893-1897. St Hubert’s Lodge No: 1373. Proposed by W.Bro R.S.V.Dyas, OBE, LR. Seconded by W.Bro Harold Sington, PGD. Joined 1st May 1922. Resigned 14th March 1923. Died 10th September 1929.
ST ALDWYN Vincent, PGM(Glos). Life Member of the Council of Cheltenham College. Elected Honorary Member 5th May 1908.
STEEL Richard Andrew James Marketing Executive. Junior & Day Boy 1945-1954. Proposed by Bro M.J.Green. Seconded by W.Bro T.P.Jewell. Initiated 6th November 1979. Passed 5th February 1980. Raised 4th November 1980. WM 1987 & 2006. Charity Steward 1989 & 1990. Director of Ceremonies 1995 & 1996. Treasurer 1997-2002. LGR 1995.
STEVENS Michael John Motor Distribution Manager. Junior & Day Boy 1946-1956. Proposed by Bro M.J.Green. Seconded by W.Bro T.P.Jewell. Initiated 1st February 1983. Passed 1st October 1983 at College. Raised 1st November 1983. WM 1990 & 1998. Almoner 1999-2002, & 2004. Treasurer 2003- LGR.
STEWART Alexander Boyce Stockbroker. Johnson, Leighton, Maise & Garth Garmon 1873-1880. St John’s Lodge No: 90. Proposed by W.Bro R.S.V.Dyas. Seconded by W.Bro Stuart Neame, LR. Joined 4th February 1913. Died 1930.
STRANKS Harold Moreton Chartered Accountant. Hazelwell 1945-1948. Cherwell Lodge No: 599. Proposed by W.Bro J.M.Makower. Seconded by W.Bro L.G.C.Bonetti. Joined 6th February 1973. Asst Secretary 1974. Treasurer 1975-1976. Resigned May 1985.
STRIDE Martyn Hugh Barton Electronics Engineer. Junior, Thirlestaine & Southwood 1969-1979. Proposed by W.Bro T.P.Jewell, LGR, PPSGW(Glos). Seconded by W.Bro R.A.J.Steel, LGR. Initiated 5th September 1998 at College. Passed 2nd February 1999. Raised 2nd November 1999.
TATHAM Henry Petroleum Technologist. Day Boy 1904-1910. Foundation Lodge No: 82. Proposed by W.Bro R.S.V.Dyas, OBE, LR. Seconded by W.Bro C.A.Sebastian-Smith, LR. Joined 2nd February 1926. WM 1937. LGR 1953. Died 24th May 1961.
TAYLOR Ian Grant Importer of Objects of Art. Junior & Leconfield 1912-1916. Proposed by W.Bro B.S.Bramwell. Seconded by W.Bro W.Ashton. Initiated 31st July 1945. Passed 6th November 1945. Raised 7th May 1946. Died 14th July 1962.
TERRY Col Astley Herbert. Reserve of Officers. Teighmore & Beaufort House 1878-1885. St Sampson’s Lodge No: 2598. Friendship Lodge No: 273. ProvGW(Guernsey & Alderney) 1898. Proposed by W.Bro J.A.Pruen. Seconded by W.Bro Dr H.S.Sington. Joined 1st February 1916. WM 1924. Resigned 2nd February 1943. Proposed by W.Bro Hugh Reeves, LGR. Seconded by W.Bro Harold Sington, PGD. Honorary Member 5th May 1943. PDGSwdB 1908. Died 3rd March 1945.
TERRY Astley Thomas Lieutenant, RE. Cheltondale 1910-1914. Proposed by W.Bro Astley Terry, PDGSwdB. Seconded by W.Bro Charles Thornton, PPGStwd(Glos). Initiated 4th May 1920. Passed 2nd November 1920. Raised 1st February 1921. Resigned 1st May 1923. Died 11th November 1971.
THOMPSON Roger 2nd Lieutenant, RA. Junior & Newick 1941-1945. Proposed by W.Bro B.S.Bramwell. Seconded by W.Bro G.Melville Clark. Initiated 3rd February 1948. Re-Obligated 28th September 1948. Passed 2nd November 1948. Raised 1st February 1949. WM 1958. Resigned 2nd May 1967. Jerusalem Lodge No: 297. Proposed by W.Bro G.C.Chatfeild-Roberts, PGD, PGS. Seconded by W.Bro J.M.Makower, PGD. Re-Joined 26th October 1970. Director of Ceremonies 1972-1974. PGS. Resigned May 1977.
THORNTON Charles, MA Housemaster of the Junior Department, Cheltenham College. Hazelwell 1883-1889. Proposed by W.Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Seconded by Bro D.C.Lee. Initiated 6th February 1912. Passed 7th May 1912. Raised 5th November 1912. Asst DC 1914-1915. WM 1918. PProvGReg(Glos). Resigned 6th May 1930. Proposed by W.Bro Hugh Reeves, PAGR. Seconded by W.Bro Hugh R.Phillips, JP, MD, PGD. Honorary Member 6th May 1930. Died 20th November 1959.
THORNTON Hugh Conway Director. Southwood 1899-1902. Proposed by W.Bro Melville Clark. Seconded by W.Bro J.B.Brunel Cohen. Initiated 5th November 1935. Passed 4th February 1936. Raised 31st March 1936 – Emergency Meeting. PGD. Died 12th December 1949.
TICEHURST Frederic, PPSGW(Glos) Day Boy 1862-1866. Foundation Lodge No: 82. Founder. Died 6th October 1916.
TORRENS John Solicitor. Newick 1864-1869. Apollo University Lodge No: 357. Founder. Died 21st February 1908.
TORRENS Thomas Hughes Gentleman. Newick 1865-1870. Acacia Lodge No: 7 – Irish Constitution. Spencer Walpole Temperance Lodge No: 2197. Proposed by W.Bro S.G.Homfray. Seconded by Bro D.C.Lee. Joined 5th November 1907. Died 30th May 1928.
TREVALDWYN Owain Cresswell Captain (Retired). Junior & Day Boy 1927-1938. Lodge of Friendship No: 6. Proposed by Bro Major J.C.Offer. Seconded by Bro Major P.K.Horwood, MC, RA. Joined 7th February 1956. Resigned 15th January 1981. Died 21st November 1997.
TROUGHTON Lt Col Cecil Claude Walter, PGD, PPGSW(Herts) 4th Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment. Teighmore & Boyne 1880-1887. Quadratic Lodge No: 1691. Cheshunt Lodge No: 2921. Founder and First Secretary of the Lodge. Secretary 1907-1912. Presented the Lodge with a Banner 5th May 1908. Died 24th December 1912.

TURNER Nicholas Patrick, Leconfield 1975-1980, Farmer and Provider of Leisure Services, Lodge of Mercy No.6821. Proposed by Bro H J S Peters, Seconded by W.Bro C F Sanger-Davies. Joined 11th February 2013
WADDY Harry Francis, BSc, CEng, FIStructE, FConsE, FRSA Consulting Civil & Structural Engineer. Southwood, Leconfield & Boyne 1936-1941. Strand Lodge No: 1987. Proposed by W.Bro M.T.V.De Lucovich. Seconded by W.Bro J.L.Brunel Cohen. Joined 3rd November 1964. WM 1969 & 1991. Secretary 1970-1986. Almoner 1998. PGStB 1992. SLGR 1988. LGR 1981. Died Jan 2015
WALFORD Michael Howard Engineer. Hazelwell 1938-1942. Caius Lodge No: 3355. Proposed by W.Bro J.M.Makower, MBE, MC, PAGDC. Seconded by Bro G.C.Chatfeild-Roberts, TD. Joined 4th November 1952. Resigned 1st April 1990. Died 1st July 2015
WARREN General Sir Charles, GCMG, KCB, RE Clarke 1854. Royal Lodge of Friendship No: 278. Inhabitants Lodge No: 153. Quatuor Coronati Lodge No: 2076. PDistGM(Eastern Archipelago). A Founder of the Lodge. Resigned 4th November 1913. Died 21st January 1927.
WATERFIELD The Very Rev Canon Reginald, MA, DD, PGChap, PPGM (Herefordshire) Old Wykhamist Lodge No: 3548. Principal of Cheltenham College 1899-1919. Proposed by W.Bro F.K.Foster. Seconded by W.Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Honorary Member 7th May 1912. ProvGChap(Glos) 1913. Chaplain 1912-1950. Died 9th March 1967.
WAY Stephen Philip Berkeley, MD, MBBS, MRCP Leconfield & Boyne 1937-1941. Middlesex Hospital Lodge No: 2843. Sancta Maria Lodge No: 2682. Dudley Castle Lodge No: 4437. St Stephen’s Lodge No: 8468. Proposed by W.Bro H.F.Waddy. Seconded by W.Bro J.D.MacGregor. Joined 18th May 1976. WM 1979. PGStdB 1992, PPJGW(Worcs). PPGsupWks(Herts). Charity Steward 1984-1986. Died 17th December 1994.
WEBB David James Gordon Motor Engineer. Hazelwell 1912-1916. The Ormond Lodge No: 201 (IC). Proposed by W.Bro Hugh Phillips, JP, PPGD(Middx). Seconded by W.Bro Harold Sington, PGD. Joined 1st May 1923. Resigned 3rd May 1938. Died March 1964.
WEBB Rupert David Director. Day Boy & Leconfield 1935-1946. Proposed by Bro H.C.S.Offer, MC. Seconded by Bro Major J.C.Offer. Initiated 7th February 1956. Passed 6th November 1956. Raised 4th December 1956. Resigned 23rd February 1981.
WEECH William Nassau, MA Master at Cheltenham College 1903-1911. Apollo University Lodge No: 357. Proposed by W.Bro H.S.Sington. Seconded by W.Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Honorary Member 7th November 1911. PPGW(Cumb & Wstn). Died 1961.
WHITE John, PGD Elected Honorary Member 6th November 1917.
WHITTAL Hugh Elliot Charles, OBE Mining Engineer. Hazelwell 1890-1894. Oriental Lodge No: 687. Proposed by Bro R.S.V.Dyas. Seconded by W.Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Joined 7th February 1911. Died 11th August 1959.
WILLIAMS Augustus Scott Royal Army Medical Corps. Day Boy 1889-1897. Proposed by W.Bro C.C.W.Troughton. Seconded by W.Bro S.G.Homfray. Initiated 5th November 1907. Resigned 5th May 1925. Died January 1956.
WILLIAMS Frederick Thesiger Captain, Northamptonshire Regiment. Day Boy 1889-1895. Excelsior Lodge No: 2832. Lodge Triune Brotherhood No: 2121. Devon Lodge No: 1999.
WILMOT-MORGAN Edward Parr Captain, Royal Marines. Boyne House 1932-1936. Proposed by W.Bro B.S.Bramwell.
Seconded by W.Bro S.C.Renny. Initiated 31st July 1945. Passed 25th September 1945. Raised 6th November 1945. WM 1976. Charity Steward 1978-1979. Asst DC 1990-1997. OBE. PDGW(Hong Kong & the Far East). Resigned November 2007.
WILSON John Douglas Surveyor & Estate Agent. Hazelwell 1947-1951. Proposed by W.Bro G.C.Chafeild-Roberts, WM. Seconded by W.Bro J.W.Lewis. Initiated 3rd November 1959. Passed 2nd February 1960. Raised 7th February 1961. WM 1967. GStd 1977. Died 24th May 1977.
WINSLOE Louis, PGTreas Merchant. St George’s Lodge of Harmony No: 32. Founder. Presented the Lodge with a silver Alms Dish 4th February 1908. Investiture as DepProvGM of West Lancashire announced at Meeting on 4th November 1913. Provincial Grand Master  West Lancashire 1919-1921. Died 28th September 1921.
WINTERBOTHAM Cyril William Day Boy 1901-1906. Barrister-at-Law. Foundation Lodge No: 82. Proposed by W.Bro F.K.Foster. Seconded by W.Bro R.S.V.Dyas. Joined 4th February 1913. Killed in Action 1916.
WOOD George Edward Charles Student. Newick 1908-1912. Proposed by W.Bro C.Thornton, PPGStwd(Glos). Seconded by W.Bro Hugh Phillips, ProvGStwd(Middx). Initiated 3rd February 1920. Passed 9th March 1920 – Emergency Meeting. Raised 2nd November 1920. Resigned 1st November 1921. Died 18th March 1971.
WOOD Jeremy John Newick 1978-1982. Civil Servant, Surrey Police. Precision Lodge No: 5855. Proposed by W.Bro T.P.Jewell. Seconded by W.Bro R.A.J.Steel. Joined 2nd May 2000.
WOOLLEY Christopher Maxwell Preparatory School Headmaster. Cheltondale 1966-1971. Lodge of Unanimity & Sincerity No: 261. Lodge of St Cuthberga No: 622. Proposed by W.Bro A.J.Leopard. Seconded by Bro A.J.G.Penelton. Joined 4th February 1992. Resigned 1st November 1994.
WOOLLEY John Maxwell, MBE Solicitor. Cheltondale 1930-1935. Royal Clarence Lodge No: 271. Proposed by W.Bro G.C.Chatfeild-Roberts, TD, GStwd. Seconded by W.Bro J.A.F.Miers. Joined 7th February 1961. Resigned 4th February 1975.

WYNTER BEE Peter Francis  Leconfield 1968-1973. Friends in Council Lodge No: 1383. Proposed by W.Bro M.J.Green, PAGSuptWks. Seconded by W.Bro R.J.Cann, LGR, PPJGW(Glos). Joined 2nd November 2004. WM 2008 & 2009.

YOUNG Frederick De Bude, CMG Colonel, 52nd Lancers, Indian Army. Garth Garmon 1879-1881. Astolet Lodge No: 2858. Proposed by W.Bro J.A.Pruen, PPGD(Surrey). Seconded by Bro J.G.Maxwell. Joined 6th May 1919. Resigned August 1920. Died 1st November 1920.